Healthy Nut Desserts

Healthy Dessert Recipes With Nuts  

Including nuts in your diet can be great for your heart health. Besides, since nuts contain unsaturated acids among other nutrients, they make great snacks and desserts as well. Nuts are affordable and you can use them to make various healthy treats. Below are some delicious and healthy nut desserts you can prepare with ease.

2 Healthy Nut Desserts You Should Try

1) HEALTHY FRUIT AND NUT BARS: This yummy and healthy dessert recipe with nuts is easy to prepare. Besides, you won’t need to bake anything in the process. You can simply assemble the ingredients in a matter of minutes and have them refrigerated.

Yield: 20 servings | Prep time: 50 minutes | Cook time: 0 minutes

Ingredients: Three table spoons of unsalted butter | One and half cups of puffed brown rice cereal | a cup of whole almonds | Half a cup of whole cashews | A cup of dried cranberries | Half a cup of dried and chopped apricots | Half a cup of brown rice syrup | Quarter cup of salt-free creamy almond butter | Two tablespoons of tightly packed brown sugar | Quarter teaspoon of salt

Procedure: To prepare this healthy dessert containing nuts, first cover a 20 centimeters square-shaped baking pan with aluminum foil. Make sure you leave an extension of about one inch on two opposite edges to be used later as handles, then grease the foil with a teaspoon of butter. Mix and stir almonds, cranberries, brown rice cereals and apricots, then set the mixture aside. Stir almond butter, brown rice syrup, two tablespoons of butter, salt, and brown sugar in a saucepan over moderate heat till it’s mixed smoothly. Simmer the mixture and allow it to cook for about a minute as you stir constantly. Pour hot mixture of almond butter over the cereal mixture, then mix using a wooden spoon. Using your slightly buttered hands, firmly press the mixture into an already prepared pan then have it refrigerated for about an hour. Using a sharp, buttered knife, cut the evenly pressed mixture into twenty bars.

2) HEALTHY PUMPKIN PIE WITH MACADAMIA: What makes this healthy dessert recipe with nuts special is how delicately the macadamia nut crust complements the vanilla and coconut bean.

Yield: Makes 20 servings | Prep time: 3 hours | Cook time: 0 hours



Ingredients: Two cups of raw and salt-free macadamia nuts | a cup of desiccated coconut | a tablespoon of chia seeds | six fresh and pitted dates | two tablespoons of coconut butter | a pinch of salt | two teaspoons of vanilla extract | two cups of roasted pumpkin | a tablespoon of pounded cinnamon | quarter teaspoon of pounded ginger | Quarter teaspoon of pounded nutmeg | quarter teaspoon of pounded turmeric | another pinch of sea salt | a cup of organic coconut milk | half a cup of water | two tablespoons of agar powder

Procedure: To prepare this healthy dessert recipe with nuts, mix the macadamia nuts, coconut and chia seeds into a food processor, and then add sea salt and dates until the dates combine well with the nuts. Add two tablespoons of vanilla and coconut butter then have the mixture processed again. Have the crust pressed into a 20 centimeter pie dish, ensuring that you spread out the mixture evenly. Mix vanilla, pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, dates, a pinch of salt, and one cup of coconut milk in a blender. Have the mixture blended until it’s creamy and smooth. In a small pot, mix the agar with water and have it set over medium heat. Mix thoroughly and continuously for about three minutes. Pour the agar into the pumpkin pie filling and have the mixture blended again until combined. Spoon the filling into the macadamia nut pie shell and place it in the fridge for about 2-3 hours. Cut your dessert into small slices before serving.

What Kinds Of Nuts Are Ideal For Making Healthy Nut Desserts?

The kind of nuts you use in your healthy nut desserts isn’t all that important, though certain nuts have more heart-healthy fats and nutrients compared to others. Almost every kind of nut has lots of nutrients packed into tiny packages.

Recipes adapted from: thehealthychef | williamssonoma