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We love sweet treats (well, who doesn’t?), but we of course know how harmful having too many fatty and sugary desserts can be to health, so we started HealthyDessert.net as a place where we could share our favorite healthy creations and finds, and hopefully inspire others to make healthier choices without compromising on experience and taste.

So here you will find a collection of healthy dessert recipes, with various degrees of healthy dessert options to suit any occasion, whether it’s a casual afternoon dessert cookie or something a little more special to impress family and friends with.

Some healthy desserts are fully raw, other flourless or using flour substitutes, or if you would like to avoid eggs or dairy, or are vegan there are also plenty of healthy treats to choose from. Hopefully you will be inspired to try some of our healthy and tasty creations!

You may also enjoy some of our traditional favorites such as the healthy chocolate and fruit desserts. And if you are in need of any new kitchen utensils or cake decorating tools for your next dessert project, please feel free to swing by our Amazon store.

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